French Bulldog Coffee Table Book – The Book of Frenchies

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The Book of Frenchies was inspired by our love for French Bulldogs.

In our experience, Frenchies are kind, well mannered, great with kids, loving, loyal, cuddly, funny, playful, lazy when you want to be, and energetic when you don’t – they’re the best dogs in the world!

We wanted to create a French Bulldog book that was fit for a coffee table. A book that would become a talking point when our friends and family visited our home. A timeless tribute to this amazing breed of dog that we have fallen in love with.

To create the book, we connected with hundreds of French Bulldog owners from all over the world and rewarded a select group of people with the opportunity to feature a cute photo of their Frenchie. In among the photos, we have sprinkled a series of interesting Frenchie facts that epitomize the unique nature of these stocky bundles of energy.

We hope you enjoy the diverse range of Frenchies in this book and are proud to show them off on your coffee table!

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Dimensions 24.6 × 18.8 × 1.4 cm

8 reviews for French Bulldog Coffee Table Book – The Book of Frenchies

  1. Deanna Cullinan (verified owner)

    My baby Ghibli was in the book and I got the book as a gift for my mom and my boyfriends family. They LOVED IT! Everyone I show the book to loves it 😍

    • Will Blunt

      Hi Deanna,

      Thanks for your kind words and appreciation! We’re so happy you love the book 🙂

  2. Lori (verified owner)

    I was thrilled when I heard my dog made the cut! The book is well put together and great for display. Since receiving it, I’ve shown it to all the Flynn (my frenchie) fan club and they love the photo you chose! (Submitted 3)
    Thanks so much for the inclusion!

    • Will Blunt

      That’s great to hear Lori! Thanks for sharing your positive experience, we really appreciate it.

  3. Paul

    We love the book! We have shared it with our breeder who has shared it with all those who have gotten puppies from her; it’s such a big hit with everyone. We take every chance we can to showcase it, quality is great, pictures are great and it provides such a wide range of wonderful frenchies. Absolutely worth every dollar and we were very pleased with the final version. It is a must for any frenchie fan.

    • Will Blunt

      Woah! Thanks for such a glowing review Paul, we’re so happy you love the book!

  4. stacy putnam (verified owner)

    The book was super cute of all the frenchies!!! I only wish I had sent pictures
    of my 2 adorable frenchies for the book. I love it and it’s on my coffee table.

    • Will Blunt

      Thanks for the positive review Stacy! If we create another book in the future it’d be great to have your 2 Frenchies included 🙂

  5. Jordan (verified owner)

    Don’t get me wrong it’s a lovely book and in good quality, however I am rather disappointed. My Mom really wanted her Frenchie in the book, so I submitted a picture and we were lucky enough that she got picked. Knowing that she would be in the book, I bought this as a gift for my Mom. My Mom was really excited to get the book up until we looked through the book only to find a small picture of her shared with three other Frenchies on the same page. Meanwhile, the majority of the Frenchies in the book had a full page to themselves. Some full pages were even wasted on small Frenchie facts that were put into a large font, when this could have been small and condensed into one page. I paid $60 CAD, which is a lot to me. When they told me that our Frenchie would be in the book I assumed she would have a page to herself. They did not inform me of this and if I would have known I wouldn’t have purchased the book.

    • Will Blunt

      Hi Jordan,

      Thanks for providing feedback about the book, we’re sorry that you were disappointed. We will take this feedback into consideration for the future.

      In saying that, I’d like to provide further context as to why we designed the book the way we did:

      – Due to the diverse range in the quality of images submitted, we had to find a way to include lower quality and smaller images in the book so that they would still look good when printed. The better quality images typically were given full-pages while the lower quality images were partnered together.
      – As well, our intention was to create a book that had character, a unique design edge and was intriguing to Frenchie lovers all over the world. By including Frenchie facts and mixing up the way the photos were shown in the book, it balances the design of the book. Making it more than just a picture book.

      Again, I’m sorry that you were disappointed with the way we included a picture of your mum’s dog but I hope this explains our intentions.

  6. Natalie N (verified owner)

    I was so excited to hear that my baby boy Pepe made the cut. I cried when I opened the book and saw his cute face. This is such a wonderful compilation of many adorable Frenchies. My 5-year old niece couldn’t believe it when I showed her! Pepe’s a star!! This was such a cool idea and I’m honored to be part of it. Thank you!

    • Will Blunt

      That’s so cute Natalie! Thank you for your review 🙂

  7. Stephanie Libessart-Roberts (verified owner)

    I was over the moon when I found out that Miss Bouba had been selected to be featured in the book! The book is of great quality, the photos are cute and I love the facts about the breed.
    I am hoping that when you do another book, we get to be selected again (I’ll send several photos rather than just one this time!) and we get to have a full page for Miss Bouba this time!
    Don’t hesitate to include more facts about the breed – and advice too for owners in your next book…as I am pretty hopeful there will be another one in years to come!

    Book of Frenchies Review Image

    • Will Blunt

      Thanks for your positive feedback Stephanie! Miss Bouba looks great 🙂

  8. Michele (verified owner)

    We all love the book of Frenchies. The photos are amazing. All the Frenchies who feature are just a cute as ever!!! Everyone who visits our home is drawn to the book and they are also very impressed. We love our little Frenchie, his name is Louis and he just turned 1. Well done to everyone who was involved in creating such a fabulous book…
    It is Brilliant!

    • Will Blunt

      Thanks for leaving a review Michele!

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