Frankie French Bulldog Walking Harness (Navy)

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The Frankie French Bulldog Walking Harness is designed to reduce the breathing difficulties associated with typical dog collars.

The majority of this walking harness is made from soft, breathable, and super-comfortable polyester air mesh. As well as being designed for comfort, with the cushioned lining and breathable mesh interior, this harness distributes the pressure generated from the pulling of the leash across your Frenchie’s chest and shoulders, rather than on their neck.

Supporting the core design of the harness is an adjustable clip that extends around your Frenchie’s chest and ensures an appropriate fit depending on the size of your dog. There is also a ring firmly attached to the back of the harness perfect for any typical leash clip.

This harness is manufactured in China and distributed from Australia.

Which size is right for your Frenchie?

The Frankie French Bulldog Walking Harness comes in four sizes:

M – Best size for French Bulldog puppies.

  • Neck Size: 11.4 inches (29cm)
  • Chest Size: 16.5 inches (42cm)

L – Best size for most adult Frenchies.

  • Neck Size: 13 inches (33cm)
  • Chest Size: 19.3 inches (49cm)

XL – Best size for larger adult Frenchies.

  • Neck Size: 14.6 inches (37cm)
  • Chest Size: 22.4 inches (57cm)

XXL – Best size for extra-large adult Frenchies.

  • Neck Size: 19.7 inches (50cm)
  • Chest Size: 25-36 inches (64-91cm)

How do I measure my Frenchie and pick the right size?

Take note that the above measurements are of the harness itself, they are not meant to be the exact size of your dog. When measuring your dog make sure to allow for additional space – especially in the chest area, which is where the strap needs to be fitted.

We recommend measuring your dog’s chest at its widest part, adding about half an inch, or a full inch to be safe, to the number you get, and choosing the harness size that suits best.

What makes the Frankie walking harness perfect for French Bulldogs?

  • Stress Distribution. This harness distributes any pressure generated from the pulling of the leash across your Frenchie’s chest and shoulders, rather than on their neck and throat.
  • Breathable. The mesh polyester material makes this harness breathable so that your Frenchie doesn’t get too hot while they are wearing it.
  • Comfortable. The soft cushioned lining and mesh fabric are lightweight and extra comfortable for your pup.
  • Adjustable. If your Frenchie drops a few pounds (or puts on a few) the chest clip can be adjusted accordingly.
  • Unique. This harness is made just for Frenchies, so you can show off your love for the breed by strutting around with an iconic French Bulldog on your dog’s chest!
  • Affordable. We priced this harness at a fair and affordable price when compared to other harnesses on the market, so our Frenchie community don’t feel the squeeze.

What are the shipping costs?

We calculate shipping based on the weight of the products you order, you can calculate the cost prior to checking out on the ‘Cart’ screen.

Our shipping costs for international customers are far less than it actually costs for us to ship the harness overseas – we have taken on some of the cost so that we can be fair and serve a worldwide audience. Thank you for understanding!

Product Disclaimer: Sidekick Digital Pty Ltd (Ask Frankie) takes the utmost care in producing safe products for animals, however, cannot be held liable if harm or death is caused when wearing and/or using our products. We recommend that all animals and children be supervised when wearing and/or using all of our products.

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  1. Emma

    Daisy loves her Frankie harness. It has high-quality breathable material that doesn’t wear down like many other harnesses.

    Daisy is happy to keep her harness on all day!

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    Daisy review 2

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